In 1969 Hillock became registered as a Commercial, Real Estate, Brokerage and Agricultural Limited Company. It was in the early 70’s that Hillock focused on farmland purchase and agricultural development as a major goal. In 1972 the first farm was bought in the province of La Pampa, Argentina. Through the following decades the company has been focused on farmland development, cash crops, dairy and beef production.


Since the early 2000’s Hillock outsources its professional management in agribusiness to investors around the world by creating Hillock Capital Management. The firm combines its expertise of Hillock on the Agribusiness sector and the skills in law, taxation and corporate structures of Fairhurst & Pisarenko, founded in 1931.


Throughout this period Hillock Capital Management has developed a solid track record operating for prestigious family offices and institutions in South America


Deep roots in agribusiness to provide investors with high standards of management, consultancy and advice in the South American agribusiness sector.


The Company has an extensive track record providing investors with tailor made agribusiness products, managing agricultural assets and developing farmland for worldwide customers. Wealthy individuals, family offices and institutional investors seeking for opportunities in the agribusiness sector have trusted Hillock with their investments.


With a long standing presence in the Agribusiness sector in the region, Hillock’s team has proved wide expertise on the creation of farmland portfolios, management and execution of carefully designed exit strategies for over 40 farms and 135.000 has in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.


Hillock has provided investors with turn key solutions which start with the business modeling, creation of SPV’s for the acquisition of farmland, farm prospection, acquisition, development, operation and lease stewardship. Our track record includes the execution of thoughtfully elaborate production plans that have been performed at the highest sustainability standards having achieved Global GAP certification for cash crops, Global GAP natural beef certification on our cattle operations and FSC certification on our forestry projects. 


Cambara 1620, 4th Floor.
Carrasco, Uruguay